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Advantages of Photography for Your Engagement

With all the excitement of an engagement, photography is usually the last thing on your mind. Professional photography is only for weddings, right? But why not capture some of the precious memories of your engagement on film as well? You will be surprised at the options you have with these photos that you might not have in your wedding pictures.

Photography: Fun Engagement Shots

Think engagement photos have to be stiff, boring portraits of a couple with forced smiles? Think again! Engagement photographers today use their creativity to produce unique and professional photographs that will please anybody. If you dread the thought of sitting in a cramped studio while a strange person poses your body and flashes lights in your eyes, you have little to worry about. Many photographers take engagement photo shoots outdoors to beautiful parks or fun restaurants. They take shots of the happy couple actually enjoying time together – walking along a beach, holding each other beneath the trees, even goofing off together in a park. These shots make taking engagement photographs fun, while producing creative and unique pictures.

For the traditionalist, there are also many photographers who will take posed engagement pictures inside a studio. They can also take their equipment outdoors where you can pose in front of rippling ponds or great oak trees to give a elegant touch to the picture. Whatever your preference, traditional or artistic, sitting down and looking through your photographer’s portfolio will give you a good idea of their specialty. Be sure you find a photographer that has many examples of the style you prefer in order to avoid any surprises when the time comes to take those special pictures.

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