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Wedding Shots: Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a good wedding photographer is one of the most important things you do for your wedding. Think about it. Other than the rings , the photographs are the only tangible treasures that you keep with you after your wedding day. For this reason, you must not simply pick out the photographer that charges the least. In fact, many people suggest you find the best photographer around, regardless of the price, and order the smallest package. These photographs are going to hold precious memories – you want somebody who is going to do an excellent job.

Photographer Styles for Your Wedding

Many people may not realize that wedding photographers use two different styles. The first is the portrait style. These types of pictures are planned and posed. They include full-length shots of the bride, pictures of the immediate family on each side, and other such posed pictures that tell the story of the wedding day. Most families prefer these types of shots, and therefore photographers usually take more of these. A option to discuss with you photographer is using black and white film. This gives your pictures as classic, romantic feel – just right for the elegant setting of a wedding. Be sure to requestat least a few shots in this medium.

The second style is the photojournalistic approach. These pictures are not posed. The photographer snaps candid shots throughout the ceremony and reception, capturing many moments that the formal style of photography would miss. Photojournalistic pictures offer glimpses of what really happened on the wedding day, instead of just posed pictures of perfection. However, these shots should have a reason they were taken – not simply random snapshots.

When you look through your prospective photographer’s portfolio, pay attention to what kind of style they use. If you prefer the photojournalistic style and you see mostly posed pictures, you may want to look elsewhere for your photographer. If you see a nice blend of both, you will want to discuss this, plainly telling them which style you prefer or even if you want a little of both. Knowing about these two different styles ahead of time will help you choose the best wedding photographer to capture those precious moments.

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