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Baby's Best Behavior for the Photographer

You have finally found a professional and affordable baby photographer, have everything set up, and are ready to make some memories. But how do you make sure your child behaves for the picture? They are too young to understand what is going on and often get upset quickly when a photographer starts adjusting their pose and flashing bright lights in their eyes. There are some very simple things you can do to help the photographer out and make sure you get the best possible picture.

Baby Tips: How to Help the Photographer

The only people present in the room sould be the baby, photographer, and the parents/guardians. Any other family members, such as siblings, should probably stay out of sight to keep the room less crowded. Too many people may distract the baby or make them fussy. However sometimes siblings can assist with a crying child when their parents can not. It all depends on the personality of your baby.

Have the photographer work in shorts bursts with plenty of break time in between. Even the best behaved baby will get tired and grumpy with prolonged exposure to flashing lights and a stranger talking and moving him around. If your child does start acting up, stop the photo shoot and take them away from the camera. Also allow the photographer to interact with the baby during this break time. Sometimes letting the child get comfortable around the photographer can make all the difference in the world.

When you dress up the baby for the portrait, make sure their outfit is not too complex. It will look odd on the child and more than likely be uncomfortable, making them fussy. Many times you get a much better effect with a simple outfit and an accessory such as a hat or a scarf. The photographer will probably carry his fair share of toys to use as props as well. These should keep the child’s hands occupied and keep them entertained for a while, making for some great shots.

Just remember that your baby is fragile and you nor the photographer should ever force them to pose. Many muscles in their body are not fully developed yet, and making them sit or lay in an awkward position could hurt them. Keeping these tips in mind will greatly help out the photographer and make sure you get the best possible photograph of your little bundle of joy.

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